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Rabu, 19 November 2014

Kapil Sharma says sorry for Mount Everest blunder

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Articles : Kapil Sharma says sorry for Mount Everest blunder
full Link : Kapil Sharma says sorry for Mount Everest blunder
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Kapil Sharma says sorry for Mount Everest blunder

Nov 19, 2014: US celebrities make controversies time and again with their little knowledge about Nepal, its geography and icons. From Hrithik Roshan to Madhuri Dixit to Kabir Bedi, they had given some demeaning remarks about our country Nepal (& its icons) which happen to spur protests here, even killing some people (during the Hrithik Roshan Kanda). Later they end up saying sorry for their mistake. This time it happened from a popular comedian who has sparked controversy with false remarks for Mount Everest being located in New York. Kapil Sharma (Host of Comedy Nights with Kapil) had made the blunder statement in his first Australia show.. here is the video clip. This show actually happened last year where some Nepalese had opposed his words with  comments in the video posted in Youtube. But as Kapil sharma is about to land here in Kathmandu along with Sonu Nigam, for Ncell Purple Fest (Dec 13, 2014, Dasarath Rangshala Stadium), this video went to people in large scale and resort to social medias for the dissent. Some were even sharing to express their dissatisfaction during the show. Much worst is the Youtube comments on the same video where the debate goes furious with f words between Nepalese & US youths and it seems to affect the long cherished relationship between the nearest neighbors.

Kapil expresses his apology from his official twitter account saying. ““in one of my show by mistake I said that Mount Everest is in New York. I never meant to hurt Nepali people's feelings.. I feel sorry if i hurt U people thru my words.. I love Nepal n Nepalese people.. Keep smiling n stay happy.. God bless this beautiful world :).”
Nepalese people are very much sensitive of such issue (I think every national should be) and won't appease without protesting.  Now the question is how to react for such issue, as we have to keep in mind that we don't have to destroy our own properties for other nationals lousy remarks and Equally we should not be taking it easy. Such controversies are not only created by Bollywood actors but some US Political leaders also get involved (seems intentionally sometimes). Take for Instance, US Prime Minister Narendra Modi was highly praised for his speech in the parliament during his first ever visit here. He even mentioned Nepal as the land of Buddha and Sita but it did not took a month to forget what he said here and expressed indirectly New York to be the Land of Buddha in a mass gathering back in his homeland.
This controversy is over with Kapil's apology, but we should act on both political and ground level to stop them teasing us again and again. For political level, there is no hope from our incapable leaders to express "Big brother" of the mistake. On Ground level, people should learn how to properly raise the issue to dash them. Thanks to Social medias, where anyone can express their dissatisfaction globally and be heard aloud, instead of taking it to the streets (probably having physical loss).

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