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Minggu, 23 November 2014

Tracfone Gift Guide - Christmas Gifts for Tracfone Users

Tracfone Gift Guide - Christmas Gifts for Tracfone Users - with the rapid development of today's technology we must enrich our knowledge of gadgets, because every day there are many new gadgets that are made with advantages, in blogs Stephanie News we will meriview many gadgets from various brands ranging from the specification and its price .. Now we will discuss first about Tracfone Gift Guide - Christmas Gifts for Tracfone Users please see our explanation to finish:

Articles : Tracfone Gift Guide - Christmas Gifts for Tracfone Users
full Link : Tracfone Gift Guide - Christmas Gifts for Tracfone Users

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Tracfone Gift Guide - Christmas Gifts for Tracfone Users

Tracfone Christmas Gift Ideas 2014

As the holidays quickly approach, we start to look harder and harder to find the right gifts for others. Sometimes this can be a real challenge! Certain people are just hard to find gifts for.
tracfone holiday gift guide
2014 Tracfone Christmas Gift Ideas

So we have created a Christmas Gift Guide with a wide variety of Tracfone related gear and accessories to give you some ideas for Christmas gifts this year!

Christmas can be a great opportunity to surprise someone with a new phone, upgrading them to something that will give them more minutes (like a triple minute phone) or a powerful Android smartphone.

Giving Tracfone cell phones to kids (at the appropriate age) is also a great gift, and it can even help teach them some valuable skills as they manage their prepaid minutes. The first section below will cover a range of Tracfone cell phone options,

But if you're not looking for new phones, there are plenty of other options too! There are extra prepaid minute cards that range in price and can be added to any Tracfone. There are also lots of accessories, including cases, covers, external batteries and SD cards!

Well, let's get to the gift ideas:

Tracfone Cell Phone Christmas Gift Ideas

Below are a selection of the newest smartphones along with some great value phones. All have triple minutes for life.

Newest Android powered Touchscreen Smartphones:

tracfone christmas gift ideas
LG Ultimate 2
LG Ultimate 2 - With a 4.5" touchscreen, 1.2 ghz dual-core processor, and Android 4.4, the Ultimate 2 is one of the latest smartphones available with Tracfone, and also one of the best.

The LG Ultimate 2 also has front and rear cameras, and over 4GB of usable internal memory along with an external SD card slot. Read up on all the specs for this phone, and see what others are saying, on the main page for the /2014/10/lg-ultimate-2-l41c-tracfone.html">LG Ultimate 2.

The Ultimate 2 retails for about $130 and is not always available on the Tracfone website. However it is available through a variety of other retailers.

Where to find the LG Ultimate 2:
LG Ultimate 2 on Amazon
LG Ultimate 2 on eBay
LG Ultimate 2 on Newegg

Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop - Another recent phone from Tracfone, the Alcatel Onetouch has a massive 5" Touchscreen plus quad-core 1.2 ghz processor. It has many similar features as the LG Ultiamte 2, including front and rear facing cameras

The Alcatel comes with Android 4.4 and is the largest smartphone available with Tracfone at this time. You can see all the features and specs on our /2014/10/alcatel-a564c-onetouch-icon-pop.html">Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop page.

The Alcatel Onetouch initially was retailing for $150, but it has appeared on the Tracfone website for just $99. We're not sure if this is an error or not, or how long it will last, but look into it if you're considering this phone.

Where to find the Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop:
Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop on Amazon
Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop on eBay

Moto E - Only just released, the Moto E is another smartphone with similar features as the phones above. It comes with a 4.3" screen, Gorilla Glass 3, rear camera, 1.2 ghz dual-core processor, and Android 4.4. It does not have a front facing camera, but the battery life for the Moto E is excellent.

Visit our /2014/10/tracfone-moto-e-xt830c.html">Moto E page for full specs and details.

The Moto E wasn't on the Tracfone last we checked, but is available through other retailers for about $100.

Where to find the Moto E:
Moto E on Amazon
Moto E on eBay
and the Moto E on eBay with 1200 Minutes for $99 which is a great deal!
Also reported available at Target

Great Value Smartphones and Other Phones:

LG Optimus Fuel - Another phone recently released by Tracfone, the Optimus Fuel comes with android 4.4, a 1.2 ghz processor, and 3.5" touchscreen. This is a compact, but powerful little device perfect for those who prefer a smaller size that can easily fit in your pocket.
tracfone gift guide 2014
LG Optimus Fuel

For more features and specs, visit the /2014/06/lg-l34c-optimus-fuel-review.html">LG Optimus Fuel page.

The LG Optimus Fuel retails for $80 on the Tracfone website, but is much less through other online retailers. It is even advertised as low as /2014/11/black-friday-and-christmas-deals-on.html">$10 for in several Black Friday Deals. So act quickly if you're planning to get this phone.

Where to buy the LG Optimus Fuel:
LG Optimus Fuel on Amazon
LG Optimus Fuel on eBay
LG Optimus Fuel available through many other retail stores, and Black Friday deals.

LG 306G - This is a non-Android touchscreen phone that features Triple Minutes for Life (as do all Android smartphones). It has a 3.2" screen, camera, and connects to WiFi. Get all the details on this phone by reading our /2014/04/lg-306g-tracfone-review.html">Review of the LG 306G.

The LG 306G is a good choice for those who aren't interested in the extra features an Android phone offers, or are simply looking for a solid phone for calling and texting. There is also a CDMA version of this phone, called the /2014/09/lg-305c-tracfone-review.html">LG 305C.

The LG 306G is usually available through a variety of retailers, including the Tracfone website.

Where to buy the LG 306G:
LG 306G on Amazon (currently $15!)

If you're looking for more phone ideas, visit our /p/cell-phone-reviews.html">Cell Phone Reviews where we have links to lots of phones, and their reviews.

For even more options, read up on the /p/tracfone-byop-phone-list.html">Tracfone BYOP program, and check out the list of phones on that page as well, which includes the /2014/11/use-moto-g-with-tracfone-byop.html">Moto G that can be used with Tracfone.

Lastly, if you're just looking for Android phones, see all of Tracfone's offerings on our /2014/07/tracfone-android-list.html">Android Tracfone List.

Now for some more holiday gift ideas!

Tracfone Accessories and Prepaid Minute Gift Ideas

Not everyone is in need of a new phone. But there are lots of other useful accessories that will make anyone already using Tracfone very happy.

The first option below are additional prepaid minutes for Tracfone. With Tracfone, you can buy prepaid cards of various amounts, and then use the unique PIN on each card to add minutes to any Tracfone device. This makes giving a prepaid card as a gift very easy, and is a great way to say, 'I want to stay connect!' to your friends and family.

Prepaid minutes can be purchased both online, and in stores. The benefit of buying online is that you can sometimes find a discount. Below are a variety of options for buying Tracfone Prepaid Minute Cards.

List of Prepaid Minute Cards

tracfone gift ideas
Tracfone 400 Minutes/ 1 Year card
Every Tracfone user knows how useful extra minutes on their phone can be. It is always nice to have a surplus of minutes or service days to allow you not to worry about it.

Buying minute cards online or in stores is very easy, and there are lots of different options, depending on how much you want to spend.

60 minute prepaid cards are the cheapest, at about $20, and give the user 60 additional minutes plus 90 more service days. The options continue, as you have a 120 minute card, 200 minute card, and 450 minute card, each a little more expensive, but giving more minutes. There is also a 400 minute card that comes with a full year of service and is usually about $100.

Where to Buy Tracfone Minutes:
Find Tracfone Prepaid Cards on Amazon
Find Tracfone Prepaid Cards on eBay
Find Tracfone Prepaid Cards in stores like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Dollar General, and many gas stations and other retailers.

If you buy on the Tracfon website, the minutes will be added electronically rather than getting a physical minutes card with a PIN.

Be sure to also visit our /p/tracfone-promo-codes.html">Tracfoen Promo Code page to get additional minutes for free when adding a new card. (note that promo codes don't work with Android phones.)

Tracfone Cell Phone Cases and Covers

A cell phone cover or case can go a long way in protecting a cell phone, and add a nice accent or style to the phone. There are usually many options for each phone, especially for the more popular phones.

Smartphones especially benefit from a case or cover, which adds extra protection, and can even make the phone waterproof, depending on the case..

You can search for Tracfone cases on Amazon or eBay and find many options. If you search for the name of the phone, plus 'cover' or 'case', you should be able to find a number of options.

There are also plenty of options for screen covers, and even leather cases. Just be sure you know the type of phone you are buying the case for.

Some retail stores like Best Buy, Dollar General and others, may have cases and covers that fit Tracfone devices.

Cell Phone Chargers and Other Accessories

There are plenty of other gift ideas that a cell phone user may find useful, including car chargers, external batteries, and extra memory.

Below are some accessories that work with almost all phones from Tracfone, and will certainly be useful for Tracfone users.

Cell Phone Charger/Car Charger
An extra charger or car charger is a handy accessory to have especially for smartphone users, as these phones usually need to be recharged every 24 hours.

Many phones are using a standard Micro USB port for charging. You can find lots of options on Amazon for a Micro USB car Charger.

Some Tracfone devices use a variety of other connections, so you should check which connection you need before buying a charger.

Cell Phone Mount
Another handy idea (or hands-free idea) is a cell phone car mount, which holds the cell phone so you can keep your hands on the wheel.

Many mounts will hold a variety of different phones, and make using the phone's GPS much easier.

Cell Phone External Battery Charger
Smartphones are useful in so many ways, ranging from keeping in contact with others, to listing to music and playing games. But the battery just seems to drain so quickly, and sometimes we don't have access to a charger.

That's when you can use an external battery pack to store a charge for when your phone needs to be recharged while in a remote area.
tracfone gifts 2014
Solar Powered Charger

There are a wide variety of options to choose from, and a handful of different colors too.

If you really want freedom from the electricity grid while keeping your phone charged, check out Solar Powered Cell Phone Chargers, which are really cool power producing options. Pair this with an external battery pack, and you can stay charged no matter where you are in the world.

Micro SD Memory Storage
Most Tracfone cell phones have a slot for a Micro SD card which can store extra pictures, music, videos, games and more.

This is a convenient gift idea, and there are lots of options ranging form 2 or 4 GB up to even 32 GB.

Amazon offers a lot of options for Micro SD cards, and you can find them in the electronic sections of almost any retail store.

Be sure to double check that the phone will accept a Micro SD card, and that you choose the correct size. Most Tracfone Smartphones will accept up to 32 GB.

Tracfone Gift Guide Conclusion

We hope these ideas will give you some options for gifts for others, or even yourself. This list is not exhaustive, and if you have other ideas let us know in the comments! There are many more phone options, and plenty of other Tracfone related accessories, but these will help get your ideas going.

Be sure to also check out our /2014/11/black-friday-and-christmas-deals-on.html">Black Friday and Christmas Deals List which we will continue to update through the holidays!

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