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Selasa, 18 November 2014

How to install PSP games on Android

How to install PSP games on Android - with the rapid development of today's technology we must enrich our knowledge of gadgets, because every day there are many new gadgets that are made with advantages, in blogs Stephanie News we will meriview many gadgets from various brands ranging from the specification and its price .. Now we will discuss first about How to install PSP games on Android please see our explanation to finish:

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How to install PSP games on Android

[Use your Android phone while reading this tutorial]

Today, I'm going to tell you how to install and play PSP games on Android for free!
Things You'll Need:
An Android Phone or Tablet (Preferably Android 4.x.x or above)
zArchiver (on Google Play)
PPSSPP (on Google Play)
Internet Access (Wi-Fi)
Open your Android phone/tablet
First, download zArchiver and PPSSPP from Google Play,
there is a free version of PPSSPP, and a $5.99 USD version, download the free version.
Now, visit my blogspot and tap on this link:
In the search bar, type the game you want (check if it's on PSP first!), and type PSP after it,
[Example: Grand Theft Auto PSP].
Download the one closest to your country, [Example: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (USA ISO].
Use the Direct Download link, you have to scroll down to find it. Once loaded, scroll past the Donations box (Don't worry, it won't charge you), and press Direct Download again.
Now open zArchiver.
Don't press anything except for the ZIP Character Encoding. Change that to your region, or the region closest to you.
Now, turn your phone/tablet sideways (Make sure Auto Rotate is on), it seems stupid, but it's important!
Find a folder called Download, and press it.
Find your game file, [Example: Grand_Theft_Auto_Vice_City_Stories_PSP-pSyPSP.rar].
Tap on it and press 'Extract To This Directory'. Now wait.
Now you should have a folder on the top, [Example: Grand_Theft_Auto_Vice_City_Stories_PSP-pSyPSP].
Tap on it and press 'Extract...'
Here is where the sideways screen comes into play.
On the left, there should be two options, 'Home Folder' and 'Device Memory', press 'Home Folder'.
Now scroll down until you find a folder called PSP, and tap in the following order:
Now press the button with an Arrow Pointing at a Dot (The paste button),
now wait again.
Once it is done, exit zArchiver and open PPSSPP, you should be taken to a file directory.
Tap in the following order; PSP<GAME,
your games should be here.
Have fun!
If there is no PSP folder,
exit zArchiver and open PPSSPP. This should create a PSP folder.
This doesn't work on iOS.

we feel the information How to install PSP games on Android that's all.

hopefully the information How to install PSP games on Android that we have conveyed can provide benefits for you and all visitors of this blog, if any criticism and suggestions please comment.

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