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Rabu, 05 November 2014

Top 10 Windows Software for Every Windows User

Top 10 Windows Software for Every Windows User - with the rapid development of today's technology we must enrich our knowledge of gadgets, because every day there are many new gadgets that are made with advantages, in blogs Stephanie News we will meriview many gadgets from various brands ranging from the specification and its price .. Now we will discuss first about Top 10 Windows Software for Every Windows User please see our explanation to finish:

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Top 10 Windows Software for Every Windows User

Windows PC  is one of the best PC comparing another PC or OS. Windows is customizable and run smoothly. In here we make a list of software, these softwares is important  for every PC. We make a list that can satisfy every windows user,because in this list you find all important software that every windows user wants. 
top 10 windows software
Top 10 Windows Programs/Software for every Windows User
1. Avast
Avast is Antivirus software ,this software make your computer secure from hackers. Avast User Interface is good. You find lots of new features in new version of Avast. If your tired from virus and trojans, download and install avast in your PC. I think your all security problem solved when you install Avast Antivirus Software. 
avast for windows

2. Maxthon Web Browser
Many guyz think why I mention Maxthon Browser. I really like Maxthon from its functionality and features. In this browser you found lots of extensions preinstalled. Your own cloud storage in Maxthon when you make a account.
If you don't much about Maxthon Web Browser /2014/06/superfast-maxthon-web-browser-android-windows-pc.html" target="_blank">follow my Guide for Maxthon Web Browser.
maxthon browser for windows

3. LastPass
This is very important tool when you forget your password. With this tool you don't need to remember your diffrent social and website passwords. LastPass is a extension or add-on that works with Web Browser. LastPass is avalible for all Web Browser like Google Chrome,Firefox,Maxthon and etc.

4. Rainmeter
Rainmeter is perfect way for customize your desktop. This is not a customize toll this is more. Rainmeter run all widgets in realtime. You find lots of skins in Internet. Rainmeter organize your desktop as advance user. /2013/11/customize-your-computer-like-hacker.html" target="_blank">Find More About Rainmeter and Download Rainmeter Skin

5. CCleaner 
CCleaner clean your all computer junks files and run your computer fastly. If your computer run slowly. You must have tried this. This software clean your in many ways like deleting cookies ,defraggler,history,temporary files and many more ways.

6. XBMC : Media Center
XBMC is a open source media center for playing Movies and Music. You experianced something new in this media center. This player is theatre software. 
You found lots of add-ons in this XBMC. XBMC is like a whole world once you installed it you don't need to get out from this. /2013/12/download-xbmc-for-window-and-android.html" target="_blank">Download and Know More about XBMC

7. Free Download Manager
Free download manager supports all downloads including torrents Files. FDM preview video and audio files when your downloading is not full complete. Control remotely ,you can stop or start any downloading from anywhere. FDM is best download manager for Your Windows.

8. 7Zip
7 Zip extract  and compress all type of files. With 7 Zip you can compress large files into one small file. 7 Zip is freely avalible for all windows users.

9. Picasa
Picasa is not a professional tool but it is a great tool for photo editing. With picasa you make collage photo and slideshow. Picasa also backup your all photos to the Google Cloud. Picasa is also a great Photo Viewer.
picasa software for windows

10. Sumatra Reader
Sumatra is best way for reading PDF reader. How sumatra is best from Adobe Reader. Sumatra is not juts PDF reader, with sumatra you read PDF,E-PUB,MOBI,CHM,XPS and much more.
sumatra pdf reader for windows
Download Sumatra Reader

This is top 10 Windows Programs that every Windows user needs. Try all of this if you like my work thanks to me at Facebook.

we feel the information Top 10 Windows Software for Every Windows User that's all.

hopefully the information Top 10 Windows Software for Every Windows User that we have conveyed can provide benefits for you and all visitors of this blog, if any criticism and suggestions please comment.

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